Solar Financing

Solar financing refers to the various options available to help individuals and businesses finance the installation of solar energy systems. These financing options can make solar energy more accessible and affordable, allowing more people to adopt clean and renewable energy.

Solar Loans

Solar loans are specifically designed for financing solar energy systems. These loans allow you to borrow money to cover the upfront costs of installing solar panels and related equipment. With solar loans, you can pay back the loan over a fixed term while enjoying the financial benefits of reduced electricity bills from your solar system.

Green Energy Grants and Incentives

Many governments, utility companies, and organisations offer grants and incentives to promote the adoption of renewable energy, including solar. These financial incentives can include cash rebates, tax credits, or performance-based incentives. These grants and incentives can significantly reduce the upfront costs of installing a solar energy system.

In a PPA, a third-party solar provider installs and maintains the solar panels on your property. You agree to purchase the electricity generated by the system at a predetermined rate, typically lower than the utility’s retail electricity rate. PPAs require little to no upfront cost and provide immediate savings on electricity bills.

Similar to PPAs, solar leasing involves renting the solar panels from a solar provider. The provider installs and maintains the system, and you pay a monthly lease payment for the use of the equipment. While you may not own the system outright, you can benefit from lower electricity costs without the burden of upfront costs or system maintenance.

PACE programs allow property owners to finance energy-efficient improvements, including solar installations, through a special assessment on their property taxes. The loan is repaid over an extended period, typically 10 to 20 years, through property tax assessments. PACE financing is often available for both residential and commercial properties.

Homeowners can consider using their home equity to finance solar installations. By leveraging the equity in your home, you can access funds at potentially lower interest rates than other financing options. Home equity loans or lines of credit allow you to spread the cost of solar installation over an extended period.

Some individuals choose to finance their solar systems through personal savings or cash purchases. By paying upfront, you can avoid interest charges and enjoy the full financial benefits of solar energy immediately. Cash purchases also provide the highest return on investment over the life of the solar system.

Services We Offer

In solar financing, we provide a range of services to help individuals and businesses navigate the financial aspects of installing a solar energy system. Our solar financing services include:

  • Consultation and Assessment
  • Financing Options Evaluation
  • Financial Analysis
  • Assistance with Applications and Paperwork
  • Financing Partner Network
  • Financial Incentives and Rebates
  • Financial Projections and ROI Analysis
  • Collaboration with Installers and Contractors
  • Ongoing Support and Customer Service