Alpha ESS

Your smart Energy

Award Winning Design

State-of-the-art award winning German design and the soundless technology enhances the utility of our product. Enabling you to get it installed anywhere in your lounge, drawing room or any place of your choice without compromising the aesthetics of your interior design rather its a value addition to your home décor.

Soundless Technology

Our proprietary silentCOOL technology allows us to eliminate loud cooling fans. This enables our systems to operate at less than 40dB noise level. Which makes it as soundless as if you are sitting in a library.

Wall Mounted

All of our modules are wall mounted giving perfect look for a high end system. This enables our systems to blend in with your home’s interior and feel like an integral part of it. Wall mounted systems also take less floor space and reduce clutter.

Up to 20 years Battery Life

Our leading, state of the art, battery technology enables an extra long battery life. alphaESS LFP battery modules provide 80% storage capacity after 6000 charge/discharge cycles. With such long cycles, the battery is expected to last 20 years under normal usage. This provides you with peace of mind for long term and a very high return on investment.

Designed for humans

Our system has the highest rated CE (Clean Energy) certification for safety. CE Certification ensures that the product does not pose any threat or hazard to the surrounding and is very unlikey to cause an accident. Alpha ESS is certified for electrical, physical and chemical safety.



Alpha ESS proactively performs checks and diagnosis on your system to ensure smooth operation. The system automatically applies updates. alphaESS always stays ready for outages and avoidable circumstances so that you keep enjoying uninterrupted power supply.

Simply the Best

Alpha ESS is the most technologically advanced and modern energy storage system available in Pakistan.

Realtime Updates

Our smartphone application and Web platforms puts you in control of all the available data regarding your Alpha ESS Energy Management System on the go. It can be integrated to your smart home applications and can act as a hub of your smart home environment by communicating and controlling all of your smart appliances.

How AlphaESS Works